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Can Denvers Neighborhoods Take Back City Hall?

The following editorial was published in the April Cherry Creek Chronicle

Denver has been described as a city of neighborhoods.  It has 78 recognized neighborhoods and many more registered neighborhood associations.  There is even an umbrella  organization called INC (Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation).  Because candidates when running for City Council court and are always deferential to neighborhood associations, many everyday citizens think that their neighborhood associations are highly influential regarding the actions of their elected representatives.  In the last few  years, neighborhood associations from Cherry Creek North to Hilltop to Mayfair to Congress Park to Crestmoor Park and across the City have had their innocence  badly shattered.

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INC Believes Mayor Is Way Wide Of The Mark On Parks

The following article was written by the Inter-Neighborhood Parks and Recreation Committee as a response to an article written by Mayor Michael B Hancock which appeared in the March issue as “Representative View, Parks Necessary To Our Neighborhood and Spirit” 

The following response appears in the April 2014 issue


In response to A Representative View by Mayor Michael Hancock (Profile,
March 2014), we are pleased to see the mayor understands the important
value of parks as a “recreational, inspirational and essential respite from the
hustle and bustle of city life.”
However, it’s not a question of the importance of parks to the city and its

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Friends of Denver Parks v. City and County of Denver and DPS

Dear Friends,
Attached is our reply brief in the Colorado Supreme Court in support of our Petition for Writ of Certiorari.
When you read the brief (it’s only 11 pages double spaced and written in plain English), you will see that the city turned over a treasure trove of documents in discovery on February 6.
The documents show that HHNP always was considered a designated park – when the Charter was amended in 1955, when it was amended in 1983, when it was amended in 1996, and especially when the city adopted the new zoning code in 2010.
In other words, I am brimming with optimism that we will prove our case and get justice.
To all of you who have worked tirelessly to locate witnesses, donate money for court costs, and help us and encourage us in so many ways, I am truly grateful.
Warm regards,
John Case

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