Urgent News from Friends of Denver Parks

Friends of Denver Parks held our Board Meeting this evening and a discussion was opened concerning the future of our petition effort.
John states “The city may try to disqualify some the 6,664 signatures that we turned in July 1.  Because the city interfered with our petition circulation, we asked the judge for additional time to gather signatures until August 19, 2013.  We need 3000 more signatures by August 19 to be sure we have enough to put the issue on the ballot.”   The Board has determined that following the advise of our attorney would be the best course of action to insure the best chance at being successful.

So with that being said, we will be organizing the petition drive again.  David and I have the petitions at our house and will distribute them from there.  Judy Case will handle the returns at her home.   We will need your help to make this work. We have 4 weekends to get this done.

As a reminder, during the Board meeting we witnessed a red tailed hawk, a flicker, a bat, and the coyote pack decided
to run close by yipping and howling just to let us know that they needed our voices and efforts to keep this natural space a preserve for the wildlife who continue to live in the City of Denver.

We love those green t-shirts, so lets hit the trail again,
For those who didn’t get a chance to help the first time, we could sure use some new folks/fresh horses
to help with the petitions.  Call or write about picking up a petition to circulate.
We’ve got a job to finish,

All the best,
Renee Lewis – President
Friends of Denver Parks


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