Friends of Denver Parks requests injunction from Colorado Court of Appeals

Dear Friends,

 On Friday October 4, Friends of Denver Parks filed a written motion asking the Colorado Court of Appeals to grant an injunction to prevent the destruction of Hampden Heights North Park while the Court of Appeals reviews the merits of the appeal.  A copy of the Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal is attached.

 The motion was accompanied by 18 media articles, many authored by recipients of this email, as Appendices to show the Court of Appeals the level of public interest in this issue. 

 On Thursday October 3 Friends filed its opening brief.  A copy of the brief is attached also.

 Based on the attached briefs, do you think that the plaintiffs have a good enough argument to convince the court of appeals to allow the people to vote on this issue?

 Thank you for your interest in this important public issue.  Please contact John Case at 303-667-7407 if you have questions.

 John Case


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