DPS To Start Construction At The Hampden Heights Site

dps.hhnp.schoolIn spite of the pending trial scheduled in Denver District Court May 19,2014 the DPS construction team is planning to start construction at the Hampden Heights site this month. There is a community meeting on Jan 22nd to share information about construction schedule, final design, city’s water quality project, and plans for the future school programming. The meeting will be on Jan 22nd 6:30 pm. at Hamilton MS.

The Owl team will be attending this event. PLEASE SUPPORT FRIENDS OF DENVER PARKS AND JOIN US.
Your presence will be important. Be forewarned this is a sham event.  The audience will be loaded with DPS and Parks & Wreck employees invited specifically to be involved in this dog and pony show!  The last time they had this event they invited a member of the Greenway Foundation who knew nothing about this project until four hours before the event.  He gave his green wash seal of approval and extolled the virtues of the plan to an astounding degree.  I’ve never felt the same about the Greenway Foundation after seeing how this person allowed himself to be a tool in that manner.
This Meeting is clearly a  “BIG ME, LITTLE YOU” attempt to bypass the communitie’s right to a legal process at all levels.  In spite of these undeniable “Power Over” tactics, Friends of Denver Parks will have their day in court on May 19.  We have incredibly good news as to how that is shaping up.
We are also in the process of developing a strong public response to the theft of our parks.  At last count we have 42 parks that are wide open and unprotected.  Or should I say, protected against the vote of the people. We are already getting dictates from Parks & Wreck as to how many acres they plan to set aside for projects in some of these parks.  This is an unacceptable bypass of Denver City Charter 2.4.5 that requires a vote of the people before repurposing any park land.
If you believe the work that we are doing is important please donate to support John Case and our court case.  John is working pro bono but we will need substantial funds to get this court case done right.   http://www.friendsofdenverparks.org
IMPORTANT!! We are looking for witnesses who recreationally used the Cherry Creek pathway/trail to the Hentzell Park Natural Area/Hampden Height North Park near Kenwood Dam before 1955.  We understand that picnicking, horseback riding, hiking,fishing, and birdwatching are a few of the recreational uses of the trail.  If you have older relatives or friends please ask them about their memories of this time.  Contact Judy Case  email address: friendsofdenverparks@gmail.com

Thanks so much for your support and hope to see you at the meeting,
Renee – President
Friends of Denver Parks

3 responses to “DPS To Start Construction At The Hampden Heights Site

  1. What about the children?

    • We are very concerned for the children as this location is on a flood plain next to a creek, and near a street with a high traffic flow. We do not think this is a suitable area for children. There are nearby schools that are not at capacity and are more suitable for expansion.


        Thank you for your interest in Friends of Denver Parks. People in the neighborhood know that this is a terrible place for a school for the reasons you cite, and we have been concerned about the children from the beginning.

        We are doing all we can to prevent this construction in our Hampden Heights North Park. Our pro-bono attorney, John Case, is taking our case to the Colorado Supreme Court, and our court date is May 19, 2014. Please keep posted via our up-to-date web site. When we know something, you will know something! We appreciate any and all help you can give to this effort.

        We send periodic email updates. Should we include you on our email list?

        All the best,

        Judy Case

        Friends of Denver Parks


        > Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 00:09:51 +0000 > To: friendsofdenverparks@gmail.com >

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