Green Shirt Alert St Patrick’s Parade

hat.hoot.owl1Green Shirt Alert* St Patrick’s Day Parade Info
Friends of Denver Parks and the Owl Team would like as many supporters as possible to march with us in the St Patrick Day Parade
Do you have a green shirt?
Are you an honorary member?
Would you like to have a day of fun and support Friends of Denver Parks.
Come Along and lets have some fun.
Everyone is welcome
When: March 15, 2014
Entry Name: Friends of Denver Parks
Cell Phone Contact: 970-331-6641

Your Unit Number: 2-53
Your Staging Address is:   253 “Dublin Street”

Parade will start moving at 9PM  our Staging time is 10am
Parade Theme this year:  Sweet Home Colorado
Here is the website for the parade route:
We will have one vehicle in the parade to carry snacks, water,  jackets, and any other supplies that we might need.
Please plan for parking prior to the parade.   We can ferry folks to the light rail.
NOTE *  Parade Direction is reversed this year


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