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Hootenanny Fundraiser a BIG SUCCESS!!

Dear Friends of Denver Parks,

Thank You   Thank You   Thank you

For your support of the “Hootenanny Good Time” Gala on Saturday night!  We had a great evening among friends, with dinner, dancing, a picture slide show, legal updates, a special version of “This Land is Our Land” by Larry Ambrose (words available here), and great optimism for our challenge.  Thanks to you, we have the funds to carry on the legal battle for some time.

The Court of Appeals has promised a decision by January 1. Stay tuned for all of the happenings.  When we know something, you will know it, too.

KC Keefer called me one day and said, I want to help Friends of Denver Parks and I am a videographer.  I said sure, but was unprepared for the amazing quality and talent of KC’s film work.  This is a taste, he hopes to finish the editing and release the final copy next week.  See “Hampden Height Heist” link below.   Just shows Friends of Denver Parks will not be treading water any time soon.  Also we have received news that a very important personage is considering joining/contributing to Friends of Denver Parks.  We will have more news after the elections in this area.  When you start out on an adventure such as ours, then you never know who you will meet along the way.

Renee- President
Friends of Denver Parks

Update On Progress

Copy Of Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal

Order From Court of Appeals to City and DPS

Rule 106 Opening Brief

Dear friends,

On October 7, the Colorado Court of Appeals ordered the city and DPS to respond by October 15 to our Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal. A copy of our motion, and the order from the Court of Appeals, are attached.

 On October 10, we filed the opening brief for Friends of Denver Parks in the rule 106 proceeding that is pending before Judge Stern in Denver District Court. A copy of that brief is also attached. Judge Stern ordered that the only issue to be briefed is whether or not the action of city Council in passing ordinance 170 was administrative or legislative. The city’s response is due October 24. Our reply is due November 7.

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From Our Friends At The Chronicle

Friends Of Denver Parks To Hold Major Fundraiser Saturday, October 26 At Crystal Rose

by Rebecca Allen

Friends of Denver Parks (Friends) is continuing its battle to preserve open space against the Hancock administration and Denver Public Schools (DPS) and is holding a critical fundraiser at the Crystal Rose on Saturday, October 26 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with tickets going on sale for $100 each. Crystal Rose is located at 9755 East Hampden Avenue.

The grassroots group has surprised insiders by its staying power and continued growth against some of the most powerful groups in Denver. It has brought a lawsuit against Denver and DPS to prevent the destruction of a key portion of Hentzell Park referred to Hampden Heights Park North.

The group lost a request for a preliminary injunction before Judge Herbert Stern in June which is now on appeal up to the Colorado Court of Appeals. The trial on a permanent injunction against the destruction of the open space is scheduled for May 19, 2014.

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