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Join Us For September 7 Cabinet In The Community

Dear Friends of Denver Parks,
Just getting back from a Labor Day Holiday, so time to roll up our

Friends Of Denver Parks Protest at a Cabinet In The City earlier in the year

sleeves and keep up the momentum.  We don’t want to lose any ground in this fight.  Please join us Saturday, September 7, 2013, from 9 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at Teller Elementary School, 1150 Garfield St.
(See Below) This is a letter sent out by the Mayors office. I have highlighted certain words in the Mayor Hancock letter to illustrate the message of concern from our standpoint. Friends of Denver Parks is asking everyone possible to show up for this meeting and let Mayor Hancock be aware of our concerns.   WEAR YOUR GREEN T-SHIRTS!!!  WE PLAN TO HAVE PROTEST SIGNS AVAILABLE ALSO.
The urgency of this situation has been brought home even more so than we could have imagined.   It has come to our attention that the City Attorney of Englewood has quoted our case as proof that parks can be transferred administratively without a vote of the people.  Already we can see that what happens in the Friends of Denver Parks case will likely be established as case law. According to park advocate Laurette Barrentino, the City of Englewood has land grabbed a park, a prime property on the light rail, and sold it at a bargain to a friend of a City Councilman.  Continue reading