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Hentzell Park: Judge upholds “less than transparent” land swap

By Alan Prendergast, Westword May 12, 2014

When does a park become a park? Is it when people start using it for recreation and picnics? When the area starts showing up on maps labeled as a park? When the Mayor of Denver describes it as “dedicated park land,” while assuring nearby homeowners it won’t be developed? Or is it when the city starts to maintain it, build trails on it and post signs about observing park rules?

None of the above, apparently. Not according to Denver District Court Judge Herbert Stern III — who, practically on the eve of trial, dismissed the case a grass-roots parks group had brought challenging the city’s decision to transfer eleven acres of open space in the Cherry Creek corridor in exchange for an office building downtown.

Mayor Michael Hancock’s plan to hand over the property adjacent to Paul A. Hentzell Park to the Denver Public Schools for a new school, in exchange for a DPS administration building that’s now being converted to a one-stop services center for domestic violence victims, has triggered a slew of questions about how the city officially designates — and protects — its parks. Although the property was officially declared a “natural area” just a few years ago, Hancock insisted that it was “blighted;” Denver Parks and Recreation manager Lauri Dannemiller withdrew the natural area designation, and the Denver City Council approved the deal last spring.

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Just Out, New Article From Examiner.com

Former Denver mayor Wellington Webb supports nonprofit opposing park land swap

By Caryl Buckstein

Former Denver mayor Wellington Webb has joined a nonprofit battling the city of Denver over the retention of park space, a spokeswoman for the Friends of Denver Parks confirmed Tuesday, December 17.

The nonprofit has taken on the city of Denver, Denver Public Schools and City Clerk Debra Johnson over a land swap of park land between the city and the school district

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Friends Of Denver Parks Update

John Case; Attorney for Friends of Denver Parks, will share with us what is happening with the on-going litigation efforts to save our parks from development.  He has an exciting announcement to share!
We will also be premiering “Hampden Heist” at the meeting.

HD9 Monthly Meeting
Saturday, November 16, 2013
9:00 – 10:30 AM
Calvary Baptist Church
6500 E. Girard,
Northeast Corner of Hampden & Monaco

“HAMPDEN HEIST” Film KC Keefer called Friends of Denver Parks and expressed a desire to help us by creating a film about our story.
He has completed the film and we will be premiering his film this Saturday.  KC is an amazing professional filmmaker.
He captured our story and I must say the film is truly beautiful and amazing.

Renee Lewis, President of Friends of Denver Parks