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Culture of Deceit in our school system

To say there is a Culture of Deceit in our school system is a lesson that Friends of Denver Parks learned very early on when we encountered the back room dealings of Superintendent Tom Boasberg and Mayor Michael Hancock.   Then we learned that those who didn’t go along with the plan promptly lost their positions. To say there is a Culture of Deceit is an understatement.

I was so saddened to see voters agree to support Tom Boasberg this last election and provide him with more “bobble heads” ie yes men when we had regular folks running for school board seats who live in the community, and were clearly ready to question the status quo.  I guess they didn’t have shiny shoes and a slick story, so they didn’t win.  I hope that everyone will think clearer next election and gets some real scrappers to fight this craziness.

In case, you thought it was just me that noticed, take a look at the feature WestWord article this week.  It is as grim as it gets as our experienced teachers are being layed off in droves to fit the new models of low-wage pay for teachers.  This is our community and the actions of Tom Boasberg is going to hurt us all.

Just this Friday, Friends of Denver Parks sent out an article we found from the Colorado Chalk Beat.

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