Friends of Denver Parks Announces Gala to Preserve Open Space

Friends of Denver Parks has announced a fundraising gala, A Hootenanny Good Time, to be held on Saturday, October 26, 6:00-10:00 p.m., at the Crystal Rose, 9755 East Hampden Avenue in Denver.  All are welcome.  Tickets are $100 per person.  The evening includes dinner, dancing, cash bar, and the chance to enjoy the company of energetic committed citizens.
The group is excited to bring all of its supporters together in one place.  “We are proud that our venture is composed of citizens who are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, VIP’s, professionals, workers, environmentalists, business owners, neighbors, rich, and poor.  We cover the spectrum of citizens who simply want to preserve this open space as part of our community where people can live within the city, while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us.  This was Denver’s zoning and land use plan since 1967.  Hampden Heights North Park has been treated as a park since it was acquired in 1936.  We want to preserve it as a dedicated park for future generations,” said Renee Lewis, President of Friends of Denver Parks.
Friends of Denver Parks is now in Round Three of its legal challenge to the City of Denver.  Judge Stern denied the plaintiffs’ request for an injunction during the pendency of the appeal, and denied the request of Inter Neighborhood Cooperation to intervene in the lawsuit.  Friends of Denver Parks is challenging Judge Stern’s rulings in the Colorado Court of Appeals.
Our pro-bono attorneys at the firm of Benson & Case have spent over 345 hours in our behalf so far, with at least twice as much work remaining in the Colorado Court of Appeals and the trial scheduled for May 19, 2014.  The attorneys are donating their time, but they anticipate legal costs for filing fees and depositions of up to $15,000.  After paying court costs, Friends will donate any remaining funds to restore Hampden Heights North Park to its natural state, as the city promised to do in 2007.
“We plan to take this case to the highest court in the state, if necessary.  The issues are important to every citizen of Denver.  We will continue to stand up for the preservation of open space, and the right of citizens to vote before city officials sell park land that belongs to the people of Denver,” said pro-bono attorney, John Case.

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