Prairie Dogs Exterminated At Hampden Heights North Park

Prairie_dog_holes_closed_008  Prairie_dog_holes_closed_010

On April 1, 2013 Denver City Council passed ordinance 168 that formally
designated this land as part of Paul Hentzell Park and Natural Area. On October
7, the City exterminated the prairie dogs in the natural area and covered their
holes.  Prairie dogs are the cornerstone food species for coyotes, foxes, owls,
hawks and eagles that live in this prairie remnant.
Friends of Denver Parks has requested an injunction from the Colorado Court of
Appeals to prevent the sale of park land and the destruction of wildlife in
adjacent Hampden Heights North Park.  Please see our website for details.

Prairie_dog_holes_closed_012   Prairie_dog_holes_closed_014

One response to “Prairie Dogs Exterminated At Hampden Heights North Park

  1. The prairie dogs were too smart to get caught in the traps that were set so the school board had to resort to this. Shame on them. Shame on the city of Denver for allowing any of this to happen in the first place.

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