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Resolution Passed By Denver Dems Central Committee

On February 1, 2014 a RESOLUTION FOR THE RIGHT OF DENVER CITIZENS TO DETERMINE THE USE OF DENVER PARKS BY A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE was passed by the Denver Democratic Central Committee by a vote of 80 in favor, 69 against.


WHEREAS, Denver City Charter, Section 2.4.5 requires a vote of the people to allow a City park to be sold, transferred, or otherwise converted to non-park use; and
WHEREAS, Denver is known for its abundant and beautiful park system and Denver citizens are justifiably proud of Mayor Speer’s legacy of preservation of land for park space for the enjoyment and leisure of the citizens of Denver; and
WHEREAS, Denver citizens have clearly expressed an abiding desire to exercise their right to vote on any proposed conversion of a park; and
WHEREAS, Denver currently has over twenty parks that are only partially protected from future sale or development and over forty parks that are not designated by ordinance as parks and therefore not protected at all from future sale or development; and
WHEREAS, The Mayor of Denver and the Denver City Council have pronounced that conversion of these unprotected parks is not subject to a vote of the people as defined in City Charter Section 2.4.5 and, therefore be it
RESOLVED, The Democratic Party of Denver graciously reminds the Mayor and City Council that the change in the status of their parks; and be it further
RESOLVED, The Democratic Party of Denver demands of the Mayor and City Council that any action to sell, trade or develop any land currently used or maintained as a City park be submitted to the people for a vote as required by City Charter Section 2.4.5, regardless of whether it is designated as a City park.

Presented for debate and adoption to:    THE DENVER DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE
Committee Meeting of February 1, 2014
At George Washington High School, Denver, Colorado

This document as well as an Argument In Favor of the resolution can be found at HISTORY


DPS To Start Construction At The Hampden Heights Site

dps.hhnp.schoolIn spite of the pending trial scheduled in Denver District Court May 19,2014 the DPS construction team is planning to start construction at the Hampden Heights site this month. There is a community meeting on Jan 22nd to share information about construction schedule, final design, city’s water quality project, and plans for the future school programming. The meeting will be on Jan 22nd 6:30 pm. at Hamilton MS.

The Owl team will be attending this event. PLEASE SUPPORT FRIENDS OF DENVER PARKS AND JOIN US.
Your presence will be important. Be forewarned this is a sham event.  The audience will be loaded with DPS and Parks & Wreck employees invited specifically to be involved in this dog and pony show!  Continue reading

Just Out, New Article From Examiner.com

Former Denver mayor Wellington Webb supports nonprofit opposing park land swap

By Caryl Buckstein

Former Denver mayor Wellington Webb has joined a nonprofit battling the city of Denver over the retention of park space, a spokeswoman for the Friends of Denver Parks confirmed Tuesday, December 17.

The nonprofit has taken on the city of Denver, Denver Public Schools and City Clerk Debra Johnson over a land swap of park land between the city and the school district

Please go here to read the entire article

Friends of Denver Parks maintains a library of all news articles and audio/video under the tab Newslinks and Articles